Can Home Insurance Companies Deny Claims Because a Home Is Not Maintained?

At The Owens Agency, LLC, serving the greater Waldron, AR area, we are often asked questions about homeowners insurance. More specifically, people want to know why their home insurance claims may be denied and what role home maintenance plays in denials. We believe in informing and educating potential customers. Here is what every homeowner should know about home maintenance and home insurance claims.

Home Maintenance

It is critical that you properly care for and maintain all of the elements of your home, including things such as the roof, siding, your foundation, and plumbing. If you file a homeowners insurance claim, an adjuster may come out to evaluate the damage done to your home. One of the things that they will look for as they evaluate the damage is what condition the damaged part of your home is in and whether that element was adequately maintained. 

If the adjuster determines that the element of your home that is damaged was not adequately maintained or was damaged due to a lack of maintenance, they reserve the right to deny your claim. Always carefully read over your policy documents to learn more about the maintenance requirements for your home and what your rights are if you dispute the findings that the element that was damaged was not adequately cared for or maintained. 

When you are looking for a new home insurance policy, The Owens Agency, LLC, serving the greater Waldron, AR area, would love to help you find the right policy for your situation. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to sit down with us and discuss your home insurance needs. 

3 Ways To Lower Your Auto Insurance Premiums

People in Mena and Waldron, AR are always looking for ways to save some money. It might surprise the people of Arkansas to know that auto insurance rates in the state are some of the lowest in the United States. Allen Kerr, Arkansas Insurance Commissioner, announced these findings of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners in January of 2018.

The Owens Agency, LLC has played its part in keeping rates for auto insurance low in Arkansas. We feel one of our most important assets is tapping the wealth of agents with local experience.

The laws of Arkansas demand that certain minimums for bodily injury and property damage are maintained for any vehicle. These are three ways you can lower your auto insurance premiums and stay legal.

Let an Agency Shop for You

Do not shop for a better deal on your own. The easiest way to find a lower insurance premium is to deal with an agency that represents a number of the top firms in the country. You can get an immediate comparison of rates for the same coverage. This helps to make a decision simple and fast.

Higher deductible

Selecting a higher deductible has a dramatic impact on your premium. This method of premium reduction does not work for all people. Some very expensive cars are not suitable for this method. Younger drivers are not allowed to use a lower deductible due to a higher frequency of accidents.

Drive safely

Your premium will decrease if you drive without an accident. The longer that you drive accident free, the more your premium will go down. Your auto insurance premium will never get to zero. Safe driving does pay in reduced rates. The insurance company would instead give you a break on your premium than pay for an accident because the premium cut costs less.

The Owens Agency, LLC in Waldron, AR is more than happy to find a way to help you lower your auto insurance premiums. Call us at 479-637-2207 to discuss options that can reduce your premiums.


3 Safety Tips for Truckers

Truckers notoriously have to handle a lot during their time on the clock. From long hours to hypnotic roads, there’s a reason why trucker safety is so important and so disastrous if something goes wrong. For a safer ride every time, follow these three tips for trucker safety from The Owens Agency, LLC. 

Better Driving 

Most truckers know to slow down before they hit a big curve or to hit their brakes when they enter a construction zone — but that doesn’t always mean they do it. It’s not easy for truckers from Mena and Waldron, AR to reduce their speed when they’re under a deadline, but it has to be done. If you find yourself in bad weather conditions or are exhausted from a long drive, make time during your trip to pull over and wait for things to blow over. This can be the difference between a successful haul and death.

Smarter Loading 

The truck reacts to every bump and curve based on how well it was loaded. The more precautions taken during the process, the more likely it is that the weight will be evenly distributed along the road. There are also plenty of products that can be purchased for semi-trucks, such as air springs, to ensure that the truck doesn’t have as much wear and tear on it by the end of the journey. 

Additional Trucking Insurance 

All truckers are required to have some type of insurance for both the driver and the vehicle, but all policies are different. Companies in Mena and Waldron, AR who wish to save themselves a lot of hassle in the future can contact The Owens Agency, LLC to find out more about how truckers can get the best possible protection. From bodily injuries to vehicle damage, there’s a lot to learn about how trucking insurance works. Give us a call to find out more and to get a quote.

Is Home Insurance On the Rise?

If you own a home in Arkansas or Oklahoma and have insurance on it, you may notice a rise in your premium from time to time. What you need to realize, though, is that your insurance rate should not increase simply because the insurance provider wants to make more money. Instead, there usually has to be some justification and change as to why you are paying more. Let’s take a closer look at what could make your homeowner’s insurance increase with The Owens Agency, LLC in Waldron, AR. 

Dogs and Pets

Did you know that dog bites account for roughly 1/3 of all homeowner’s liability claims? If you have a dog and your insurance provider finds out and you have not previously listed the dog on your policy, this can cause your rate to increase. 

Trampoline and Outdoor Equipment

So, you’ve decided that the kids would love to have a trampoline. Sure, having one of these is going to keep the kids well-entertained, but it may also increase your homeowner’s insurance rate. Pools can have the same affect as well.

Wood-burning Fireplace

There’s nothing better than the cozy feeling of heat coming from a wood stove. However, with 36 percent of rural and residential fires starting from a wood fireplace or stove, this makes having one in your home high risk; therefore, meaning once you list it on your policy, you very well may see a jump in your insurance rate. 

Home Business

If you run a home business, there’s a good chance you may require a completely separate insurance policy for it. If you don’t, then the coverage of your homeowner’s policy is likely to increase because coverage will be needed to protect your business assets, including furniture, electronics, and more. 

To learn more about homeowner’s insurance, please contact The Owens Agency, LLC serving the Waldron, AR area. Also, try our online rating tool for quotes on home insurance from your computer.

Does Auto Insurance Cover Your Windshield?

Here at The Owens Agency, LLC in Waldron, AR, one of the questions that we are often asked in relation to auto insurance is whether windshields are covered under an auto insurance policy. Here is a bit of information that you will want to know if you have this question. 

Windshields Are Included

Windshields are covered under your auto insurance policy. If a rock flies up and cracks your windshield or if it shatters due to a car accident, you can file an insurance claim and have the windshield repaired or replaced. However, many people are under the impression that they are not included as part of an auto insurance policy because often the cost of the deductible exceeds the cost of the windshield repair or replacement cost. In this case, it makes no sense to file an insurance claim, leading many to believe it is not covered. 

Windshields Can Have Their Own Deductibles

In some cases, windshields or auto glass has its own deductible. This deductible may apply specifically to your auto glass and is lower than your regular auto insurance deductible. This helps to make it easier for you to afford windshield repairs or replacement. If you are wondering if you have a separate deductible for auto glass, be sure to read your policy. If you do, it will be clearly stated. If you cannot find this information in the policy, it is because you likely do not have a separate deductible for auto glass or your windshield.

If you are in the market for a new auto insurance policy or are looking to price out policies with auto glass coverage, contact The Owens Agency, LLC in Waldron, AR today. We would love to put together a plan for you and provide you with an estimate. Contact us today to get started. 


What You Need to Know About Trucking Insurance

If you own a transport business and require trucking insurance, navigating the process of obtaining this type of insurance can be slightly tricky. But if you have the correct information, and work with a knowledgeable insurance agent, it will make the whole process go much smoother. Here are some tips to get you started:

To get a quote, you’ll need a lot of basic information.

Before you can get a quote on your trucking insurance, remember that you will need to compile quite a bit of information. This will include an insurance policy “dec” page (declarations page), the driver’s license numbers and driving histories of all of your truckers and drivers, speeding ticket information, VIN numbers of your trucks, and more.

Remember there are different types of trucking insurance options within this sector.

Also keep in mind that there are different types of trucking insurance, including motor truck cargo, liability insurance, bobtail insurance, and physical damage coverage. Your agent will help you decide which of these insurance plans you’ll need.     

Finding a highly qualified trucking insurance agent.

Finally, remember that you will definitely want to find a highly qualified trucking insurance agent who can help you find the perfect trucking insurance policy for you, your company, and your truckers.

The Owens Agency, LLC

If you live or have a business in Mena or Waldron, AR and are searching for a great trucking insurance policy, The Owens Agency, LLC can help. We offer trucking insurance policies and other types of policies to all residents of Mena and Waldron, AR as well as the surrounding areas. Allow one of our insurance agents to discuss your policy options with you and help you choose a plan. Stop by our nearest location or give us a call! We look forward to it!

Prepare Your Property to Defend Against Sudden Storm Damage

We all know how crazy the weather can get around Mena, AR, especially in the summer time. Your friends at The Owens Agency, LLC are here to provide some timely tips to reduce the amount of damage those sudden thunderstorms and winds can cause in a concise amount of time.

Check for Loose Siding and Shingles

It only takes a hammer, a few nails, and a little bit of time. Walk around your house and property to check your siding for loose boards or shingles. A flapping piece of roofing can get caught in the wind, take flight, and smash a window. Don’t forget to secure fencing and your shed if you have one.

Lock Up the Bikes

You might think a bicycle is a relatively heavy object and couldn’t become airborne. When the winds are whipping over 40 mph, your child’s toy can easily become another piece of flotsam. It’s so tempting for you or your child to simply hop off and leave it in the middle of the yard. Make it a habit of leaving the bikes in the garage or locking them to a secure post when you are done with them for the day.

Use Your Shed

It’s not just bikes, but sprinklers, hoses, buckets, shovels, and wheelbarrows that can go airborne when a funnel cloud is spotted. There isn’t time to clean up the yard on a moments notice. Take the time to neaten up your shed and use it for its true purpose, providing a safe and secure spot for all your tools and yard implements. Your friendly agent at The Owens Agency, LLC has plenty of other suggestions to help you maintain your Mena, AR home and protect your most valuable asset against damage.

3 Auto Insurance Myths to Stop Believing Today

If you’re in the market for an auto insurance policy, one phrase comes to mind: "buyers beware." Although it seems fairly cut and dry, there are quite a few things to consider before purchasing an auto insurance policy. That said, the following is an overview of 3 of the top auto insurance myths you should stop believing ASAP.

If Your Car is Totaled Your Insurance Company Will Pay It Off

While many believe this to be true, insurance companies actually offer fair market value, which is drastically different from the value of the car. Therefore, for those who total a newer car, you may still be on the hook with regards to paying at least part of that loan.

Your Credit Doesn’t Affect Your Premium

While many believe your credit rating has no bearing on your insurance premiums, this is also false. In fact, most states allow insurance companies to access this information as a means of making their decision. 

Your Premiums Will Get Higher with Age

While many think a loss of mobility and other things that come with age are a good reason for rising premiums, the opposite is true. Given that older drivers are often more settled and experienced than younger ones, those over 55 years of age typically enjoy significantly reduced premiums and other perks. 

Overall, let The Owens Agency, LLC be your new insurance choice. Hailing out of Waldron, AR, we offer highly qualified staff, competitive rates, quick quotes, and much more. So, if you live or work in the Waldron, AR area, stop by The Owens Agency, LLC to find out how you can start your policy immediately and feel that sense of security.

Starting a small business? Help for first time trucking company owners

Starting a small business is exciting. You get to work for yourself and can enjoy all the freedom that comes with being your own boss. Many people choose to start a small trucking company as their first small business. Starting a commercial trucking company though comes with many regulations and insurance requirements that first-time business owners should know. Below, we have outlined some important pieces of information you should be aware of before starting your trucking company.

MC Number

For a trucking company, your MC number must be active if you plan on operating as a for-hire carrier. After you buy a BOC-3, your MC number becomes active 15 days later after your insurance company completes the appropriate filing.

Interstate vs. Intrastate

It is important to know the difference when starting a trucking company. Intrastate means that you are traveling within one particular state. Interstate means that you plan on traveling across state lines.


The most important thing to know when starting a small trucking business is the amount of coverage that is needed. For commercial liability, it is recommended to at least carry a minimum amount of insurance coverage.

The residents from Poteau, OK know that insurance is of vital importance, especially when starting their own small trucking company. At the Owens Agency, LLC, we can help advise the citizens of Poteau, OK with what type of trucking insurance coverage to get. The experts at The Owens Agency, LLC are trained experts in insurance policies and can help get you started today. Feel free to call the agents at The Owens Agency, LLC today to update your coverage or get started with brand new trucking insurance policy.  

Types of Home Insurance Riders

When basic home insurance doesn’t cover something or only partially insures it, a rider can provide a way to gain coverage without buying another type of policy. Riders are add-ons that enhance standard homeowner insurance policies in various ways. Here are a few to ask about:


Waldron, AR, Poteau, OK, or Mena, AR homeowners with valuable jewelry, firearms, furs, antiques or computers may find that their insurers don’t fully cover such possessions. Personal property riders add coverage for these and other high-value items.


Floods sometimes inflict considerable harm upon Arkansas and Oklahoma homes. Although they frequently cover storm-related damage, basic home policies normally don’t insure dwellings against flooding. Fortunately, it’s possible to gain financial protection by adding this type of insurance.


Most people in Arkansas seldom worry about seismic activity. Nevertheless, earthquakes have occurred in this state’s history and caused significant destruction. Property owners can gain a peace of mind by requesting earthquake riders when they obtain insurance.


Standard homeowners insurance normally won’t pay to repair dwellings damaged by landslides. Both flooding and earthquakes can trigger these disasters. They have struck numerous parts of the Natural State. A landslide rider may cover your personal belongings and/or the entire house.


When sewage backs up through a home’s drains, this can badly damage the building and its contents. Rugs, flooring, appliances, and furniture often must be replaced in this situation. Homeowners may need special coverage to qualify for compensation from an insurer.


Numerous Arkansas and Oklahoma residents run small businesses in their homes. However, basic insurance might not cover valuable equipment. Specialized riders add coverage for home businesses. They can also provide liability protection if customers visit the house.

Rider availability varies depending on your location and insurer. The Owens Agency, LLC can help you find a policy with the right coverage options. We compare policies from an assortment of dependable carriers. Please dial 479-637-2207 to reach The Owens Agency, LLC in Waldron, AR.