What Waldron, AR truckers need to know about insurance

Finding the right trucking insurance is critically important for both individual drivers and transportation companies. At The Owens Agency LLC in Waldron, AR, we offer several trucking insurance options that provide comprehensive coverage to ensure companies and individuals have the protection they need to operate with confidence. 

What is trucking insurance? 

Believe it or not, there’s no one type of trucking insurance. Think of it as a sort of umbrella term that includes several different types of coverage — all related to trucking. Certain types of trucking insurance protect individual drivers while on the road, while other types cover events such as accidents during loading and refrigeration loss. 

What types of trucking insurance are available? 

Let’s start with the simplest coverage out there — primary liability insurance. This coverage generally protects drivers against liability claims from other motorists after an accident. General liability coverage is designed for trucking companies, although it often provides some coverage for events involving individual drivers. Other options to consider include physical damage coverage and motor truck cargo insurance. The former covers damage to rigs, and the latter protects drivers and transportation companies from claims arising from damage caused by events such as unforeseeable delays. The precise nature of the coverage depends on what you choose, the insurance company you select and Arizona’s insurance regulations. 

Interested? We can help!

If you’d like more information about trucking insurance in Waldron, AR, give the experts at The Owens Agency LLC a call or reach out via the contact information on the website. After speaking with you and discussing your needs, the agents at The Owens Agency LLC can help you determine the best trucking insurance for your particular situation.