Do I Need Car Insurance If I Don’t Drive

Those who do not drive may not need auto insurance if they do not own a vehicle. However, if you own a car, even if you do not drive it in Waldron, AR, you may still need to have some insurance coverage. Below are some reasons why you may or may not need car insurance if you do not drive. 

For assistance determining if auto insurance is needed, regardless of if you drive or not, give our experts a call at The Owens Agency LLC. 

Do I Need Auto Insurance If I Do Not Drive? 

If you do not own a vehicle and do not drive, you do not have to purchase auto insurance coverage. 

Should I Have Auto Insurance If I Am Not Using My Car? 

If you own a car, even if you do not drive it, there is a good chance you will need to have auto insurance to cover it. If you do not want to maintain car insurance for the unused vehicle, you may consider selling it. Otherwise, you may have to continue to pay for insurance coverage for the car. 

If I Don’t Drive the Car, Can I Limit the Insurance Coverage? 

If you are not driving the car because you cannot but plan to save the vehicle for someone else, there may be some options. Call your insurance company today to discuss options and explain why the car is not used. There may be lower insurance options available while the vehicle is not being used. 

Those who do not drive in Waldron, AR do not need to have auto insurance. However, if there is a chance you may drive someone else’s vehicle, or you own a car you are not driving, you may still need auto insurance coverage. Call The Owens Agency LLC today for information and auto insurance options when you do not own a vehicle or do not drive the one you have.