Types of Home Insurance Riders

When basic home insurance doesn’t cover something or only partially insures it, a rider can provide a way to gain coverage without buying another type of policy. Riders are add-ons that enhance standard homeowner insurance policies in various ways. Here are a few to ask about:


Waldron, AR, Poteau, OK, or Mena, AR homeowners with valuable jewelry, firearms, furs, antiques or computers may find that their insurers don’t fully cover such possessions. Personal property riders add coverage for these and other high-value items.


Floods sometimes inflict considerable harm upon Arkansas and Oklahoma homes. Although they frequently cover storm-related damage, basic home policies normally don’t insure dwellings against flooding. Fortunately, it’s possible to gain financial protection by adding this type of insurance.


Most people in Arkansas seldom worry about seismic activity. Nevertheless, earthquakes have occurred in this state’s history and caused significant destruction. Property owners can gain a peace of mind by requesting earthquake riders when they obtain insurance.


Standard homeowners insurance normally won’t pay to repair dwellings damaged by landslides. Both flooding and earthquakes can trigger these disasters. They have struck numerous parts of the Natural State. A landslide rider may cover your personal belongings and/or the entire house.


When sewage backs up through a home’s drains, this can badly damage the building and its contents. Rugs, flooring, appliances, and furniture often must be replaced in this situation. Homeowners may need special coverage to qualify for compensation from an insurer.


Numerous Arkansas and Oklahoma residents run small businesses in their homes. However, basic insurance might not cover valuable equipment. Specialized riders add coverage for home businesses. They can also provide liability protection if customers visit the house.

Rider availability varies depending on your location and insurer. The Owens Agency, LLC can help you find a policy with the right coverage options. We compare policies from an assortment of dependable carriers. Please dial 479-637-2207 to reach The Owens Agency, LLC in Waldron, AR.