An Intro to Trucking Insurance

The commercial auto policy owned by your interior design consultant varies vastly from the policy carried by a trucker whether short-haul or long-haul. The Owens Agency LLC serving Waldron, AR wants you to understand how commercial auto differs from commercial trucking insurance.

Driving a big rig or 18-wheelers also get called, requires a higher form of commercial auto insurance than other vehicles. The minimum mandatory required insurance includes a full coverage policy to which most states add more than ten policy types.

What does a trucking commercial insurance policy include?

The typical trucking insurance policy consists of coverage that provides for reimbursement for damages when the truck is parked, used for personal reasons, or used for business purposes. Full coverage for a trucking insurance policy includes:

  • Bobtail/deadhead coverage,
  • Bodily injury liability coverage,
  • Collision coverage,
  • Comprehensive coverage,
  • Contingent liability coverage,
  • Employers liability coverage,
  • Hired auto physical damage coverage,
  • Medical payments’ coverage,
  • Motortruck cargo coverage,
  • Property damage liability coverage,
  • Refrigeration breakdown,
  • Rental reimbursement coverage including a business interruption coverage component.

Collision and comprehensive often get referred to collectively as physical damage coverage, but in policy statements, receive separate sections of discussion of allowances, limitations, and policy caps. Most of the coverage types listed in states make mandatory. This excludes rental reimbursement and business interruption though.

An independent trucker would need to purchase most coverages except employers’ liability. That type of insurance a trucking company with many employees who drive for them would purchase. All types of liability insurance most states require.

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