Waldron, AR Home Insurance Tips for Homeowners

Your friends at The Owens Agency LLC , servicing the Waldron, AR area, remind you that your home is your most important asset. But what about the contents of your home? Perhaps you have an expensive jewelry collection with precious gems and family heirlooms that would be almost impossible to replace. Do you have insurance that covers these items?

Renters vs. Owners

Renters use renter insurance to cover the contents of their home. The homeowner of the rental property must carry homeowner’s insurance in order to protect the rental from damages or loss. But this insurance does not cover the contents of your home if you rent.

If you own your home, however, or if you are in the middle of paying off a mortgage to own your home, most homeowner’s insurance also covers the contents of your home. 

Arkansas State Requirements

In the state of Arkansas, you are not required to carry homeowners’ insurance. However, your mortgage company may require that you insure your property in order to lend money to you to purchase your home. This is because they have to protect the property you are purchasing from them while you are paying it out. 

Once you fully own your home, you are no longer required to carry this insurance, but The Owens Agency LLC in the Waldron AR area and others do strongly recommend that you keep it!

Acts of God

God gets blamed for a lot of things that he might not have had a hand in. One of them is natural disasters. Tornadoes, floods, fire, vandalism, and other natural occurrences can devastate a home in the span of only a few hours.

While no one likes to think of such things, it is imperative that you do if you want to protect your home in the event that bad luck comes your way.

Visit the folks at The Owens Agency LLC if you are in the Waldron, AR area and find out how to use home insurance to protect your investment. Today is the day to prepare for what tomorrow might bring!